Monday, March 8, 2010

Fairy Gardens, Fairy Houses

I have always been fascinated with miniatures and now that fascination includes fairy gardens and fairy houses.  Last year my granddaughter, Savannah, and I created several fairy houses in the desert-like back yard of her home in Tucson.  The first two were made of twigs and sticks, and then with pieces of wood.  The wind blew them over, so Savannah decided to make one of bricks!  That worked.  The furnishings were made of stones.  We had such fun, and then at night the fairies came to visit and left fairy dust behind!
I also have made a fairy picnic garden in a basket.  I created the fairy from pipe cleaners and a wooden bead for her head.  She had an acorn for a hat and a silk flower dress.  The table was a dried orange slice and the dishes were buttons.  There are blackberries (beads) in a basket and on the plates on the table.

For some amazing fairy houses, check out Fairy Woodland and
If you live near Kansas City, you can learn how to make a fairy house at Red Cedar Gardens in Stilwell, Ks, or buy wonderful plants and miniature tools for your garden.  They have a great shop and a large selection of plants.