Wednesday, January 27, 2016

All Dressed Up for Summer

Our little house was voted Yard of the Month in July of 2015!  In a small town, this is an honor.  We worked very hard at landscaping and planting, with help from Springwater Greenhouse and Landscaping in Marshall, Mo.  

The windowboxes were filled with plants from The Garden Cart near Alma, Mo.  I also bought plants from Hilltop Farm and Greenhouse in Dover, MO.

We added a privacy fence built by Tom Barker from Lexington, Mo.  I also placed a screen house from L.L Bean in the backyard to use as a bug-free relaxation spot and art space.  It worked out very well, except for the many stains on the roof from the walnut tree branches overhead!  Looks kind of camoflage now.

So, now we have moved from this delightful place, but I still own it.  It is presently rented for $500 a month.  I still love this house and didn't want to sell it, but I needed space for my considerable supply of art media.  

I love that tree hydrangea.  It bloomed all summer.  So did the pink phlox and, on the far right, the yellow Stella d'Oro daylilies, though you can't see that right now!