Friday, January 8, 2010

Great Herb Gardening Books

I have a number of herb garden books and the first one I bought was Herbs by Emelie Tolley.  That is the book that inspired me many years ago, and soon I had seven 4' x 8' raised herb beds.   I also had a large cottage garden with perennials and roses.  For awhile I even had a home business based on herbs and perennials....flower arrangements, potpourri, herbal vinegars and many other creations. 

Now I find it difficult to garden as much as I did then, but I still love herbs.  Now I do a lot of container gardening on my deck and in front of my art studio.  I planted a number of herbs in front of the studio and I plan to plant more this spring.  The great thing about herbs is that they are easy to take care of once they are established.

Now I garden more chemicals in my garden or pots!  I use products from

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  1. I have a chair almost like that. I use it as a side table next to my bed right now. Sometimes it is used as a place to lay clean clothes. I like your idea.

    PS - Thanks for commenting on my lack of sleep. I think once I am off all my pain medication, I will be having sleep filled nights.