Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is Busting Out All Over

  I remember the song June is Bustin' Out All Over from the play and movie, Carousel.  That is just the way spring seems to me this year.  After a very long, cold winter, spring just seems to be so beautiful this year.  The pollen count, however, is off the charts as trees are all blooming at once, so it is a mixed blessing!  But it is hard to complain with all that beauty.

I drove to Maryland at the end of March to visit family, and I took a few photos of a wonderful Japanese park in Brookside Gardens.

I also got a good shot of my granddaughter in a cherry tree...

Now that I am back home, I am planning what I want to add to my garden in front of the Little Red Studio, as well as what to put in containers.  We have some wonderful nurseries around us...Hilltop Farm and Greenhouse in Dover, MO, Vintage Hill in Franklin, MO, and Garden Cart near Alma, MO, are three of the my favorites.

If you are interested in Japanese gardening, here are a few books that might be of interest..




My favorite plants are the Japanese Maples, bamboo, Japanese forest grass, and flowering cherry trees.

I have to say that I only garden with organic products and my favorite source for them is The Happy Gardener.  I have been using their products for three years and I am very happy with Happy Gardener!  If you are interested in knowing more, email me!

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