Sunday, June 10, 2012

Growing Herbs : An article from Gardener's Supply

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Growing Herbs : Gardener's Supply

I have been growing herbs for about 30 years.  In pots, in the ground, in raised beds.  My first inspiration was from the book Herbs by Emily Tolley and Chris Mead.  I still love that book! 

A photo from my 2010 potted herb garden.  Alas, my poor frog planter is now in pieces, thanks to a Missouri wind storm this spring.

I still prefer to grow my culinary herbs in pots, preferably on the deck.  Since our downsizing move this year, I have a much smaller deck, so I am resorting to perching 30"  planters right on the railing.  More herbs are growing in large pots in the back yard.  I am looking forward to making some basil pesto this week, and using the cilantro in soup.

June of 2011...the dill is at its peak!

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